I am licensed clinical psychologist in both California and Florida and a nationally certified Health and Wellness Coach. With over 16 years’ experience in a wide range of clinical settings from state psychiatric hospitals, residential facilities, homeless shelters, non-profit organizations, private practice, and insurance companies as a clinician, clinical supervisor, case manager, psychological evaluator and program creator, I have found that people have the knowledge to heal themselves when they are assisted with getting out of their own way and rediscovering who they are and what is meaningful for them.
When it comes to change it’s not all or nothing.
We go from not thinking about change, to thinking about change, to making a plan for change, to acting on the change.
Our agenda for improving your ability to manage the mental aspects of health and/or relationships (parent-child, significant other, employer/co-worker/s etc…) are the following:
G= Grow Your Coping Skills
L= Let Go of the Current Relationship to the Past
I= Ignite Your Potential by Connecting to Your Vision of Your Healthiest Life
D= Design Your Plan for Change
E= Engage with Your Plan
Changing habits is the challenging part of long-term behavioral change. Research shows it take 90 days of practicing new behaviors to transform a habit. You can also purchase a package of 15- 60 minute weekly sessions for $1852.50, my hourly rate in the package is discounted by %5.
I am looking forward to walking beside you on this journey of a lifetime. Take the first step and give me a call today.